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. すやすやぴー . . #ロイサラ成長記録 ロイサラ29日目 #nocoa動画#catvideo#猫動画🇯🇵さん(@nocoa2525)がシェアした投稿 -











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peaceful mornings with our duck friend 🦆

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. 🐶👦🏻👧🏻💤 . #子守犬銀兄ちゃん .

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Happy Sunday morning from Stitch! Here is alittle more video of him loving on our cats. I got a lot of questions yesterday about Stitch, so here is his story for the new followers who do not know about him. In the Spring I got a call about a 2 year old doe and a yearling buck that someone had raised as pets. It is illegal to have deer as pets and they would not stay in their fence and a neighbor was threatening to shoot them. So they both were brought here at Magnolia Fawn Rescue to stay. Ohana, the doe is super friendly and doing great here. Since Stitch was only a yearling, I attempted to get him wild enough to be released back into the wild, I have been successful in the past, but Stitch was raised with dogs and children and loves them. Every time children are around, he would show up wanting to play. So I decided to let him stay because he would go straight up to a hunter or dogs with no fear. It is now getting close to rutting season and even the friendliest bucks will get very aggressive. So he has to be neutered, this will prevent him from getting too aggressive. Also he will be going in a pen with a few does and it is illegal to let deer in captivity breed so this will prevent that too. Over the last several years I have taken in many “pet” deer. When I raise fawn they are raised to be wild so they can be released back into the wild unless the have health issues that prevent that. It breaks my heart that some people turn them into pets because they will never get to be free. The non releasable deer here are very healthy and happy but I only have so much land and at this rate I may run out of room for them eventually. I may try to buy some adjoining property in the future so they have more land to roam. This winter we are putting up more fence and hopefully a barn for our non releasable deer. If you would like to help with this project, please donate to:

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これが かたぐるまっしゅ、だ!! 一年に一度は、 かたぐるまっしゅ。

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寒くなってきたからくっつくにゃ🐱🐱 * #repost @_rinriofu_ * #むぎゅう #ドアップ #あったかいのかな #くっつき度凄い #仲良し * #みんねこ

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ここに隠れるにゃ😺✨ むぎくん♂ * #repost @mmmugi_ * #かくれんぼ #隠れきれてない #頭挟まってるよ😅 #すぐに見つかりそう笑 * #みんねこ

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